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refurbed nf3 250gb. what to expect

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since I cant post in the Ask DFI! section I figured Id ask here.

I ordered a Lanparty ut nf3 250gb refurbed from newegg since that was the only way I could finaly afford a good replacement to my dead 754 board.


what should I expect to receive? what kind of warranty is included?

newegg only states there 15 day warranty.


also if there is any one willing to create an iso of the driver disk and upload to me aim trancfer or some thing Id realy appreciate it as I realy dont like downloading drivers and souch off the net afer a fresh mobo install.

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Guest Blooz1

When buying a refurb board from NewEgg you can't tell what you're going to get until you open the box!


Some are sent out "as is" or barebones", with no accessories whatsoever. Other boards are sent out with ALL accessories, and I''ve heard of cases where the bag on the mboard has never been opened!


If I remember correctly, the warranty's only 15 days, so get right to work once you get your board!


Buying a board this way can be a real "crap shoot", but it's also a way to get some very good deals!

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