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Stable BIOS 711 settings for my rig please.

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The 711 BIOS worked faultlessly until I tried to change some settings. Nothing very significant, nothing to do with CPU or memory.


Last I remember, I changed 'OS select for DRAM >64MB' from OS2 to something else, as I do not have OS2 on my computer, 'Init dispaly first' from PCI to AGP, and also changed the temperature for shutdown to 60. (The computer is not yet inside the case, but is spread out over a table).


After that the BIOS would not even boot at all, until I cleared the CMOS and loaded optimised defaults.


I do not want to overclock. I reckon that I do not need to, as already I have a very fast CPU and very good memory running at


Will you please advise what Bios settings I need to change just so that my computer will run stable and faultlessly, and I will be taking full advantage of the capabilities of the motherboard.


I will leave the computer still on the table until the BIOS settings are finalised, as it is much easier to clear CMOS with the motherboard out on a table, than inside a crowded case.


Thanking you


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OK to keep it short: What do these entries do and to what should they be set?

Full screen logo

UBS mem type

UBS KB/storage support

HDD power down

HDD down in suspend

DDR output driving

DDR DQ drive strength


Many thanks


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