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is there a cure for cold boot-623-2 installed still the same

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i just flashed today 623-2 to fix my cold boot issues

it didnt

i can do everything....except taking the plug off

the mems will do 264 1,5-2-2-5 at 3,3 in orange slots

in yellow wont boot at 251......250 boots just fine and passes memtest...

o got my rig stable at 250 x 11......i guess nothing is broken.... just cant pull the plug...

after i flashed the 623-2 o was stuck in splashscreen.....thnxs to dfi-street and a few hours i got it to boot....

is there a way to fix this.....AG...oskar.....rgone....anyone.....heelp

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maybe try the official 6/23/05-3 version? also, theres no advantage of running your ram a cas 1.5, since the on die memory controller can't go below 2. Some claim that their benchmarks are higher, but I'd bet it's not more than standard deviation, and surely nothing they will notice in real world applications. Try the official -3 version, and setting your cas to 2. Just my guess.

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i have utt....the -2 version should be the best for me...? i guess

the mobo came with 623....just that... i changed to -2 that would work better for me....and the yellow slots....grumpf

i still have cold boot issues and above 250 in yellow slots wont even boot

orange....265 3,4v....i am really confused...

should my mobo be rmaed?

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come on....

i am having serious issues....

could some one official tell me what to do?

should i rma the mobo......or the mems.....or both

it works fine...until i unplug the darn thing from the wall socket

i had a power failure today....grumpf...here i go again...



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Guest Shibby

623-3 is the OFFICIAL bios, 623-2 is not. I don't understand why you won't at least try the newest OFFICIAL bios before you RMA your board. It sounds like your set on RMAing unless someone waves a magic wand that will make the problem disappear, so go for it.

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i just tryed the mems on another mobo....1 boots fine...the other dont

i swaped the mushkin from the dfi nf2 to this one and they booted fine




at.....260 1,5-2-2-5....i forgot to default the settings....but they booted

i ran memtest at 255 3,4 v and i booted up to win

i didnt knew that 623-3 was the official....thats why i am asking for help here


but i see u know alot...instead of bashing me maybe u could help more

i am completely on the dark side right now

and NO no magic wand....just a few words to try to sort this out



i guess one of my mems has become "greedy" of volts

i was avoiding rma for a week...


i will try to flash the -3 version before i rma the friggin thing

but in my modest opinion u should avoid cafein....i am just trying to get help no need to be rude...

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1. To everyone that owns a DFI Motherboard: I am a full time DFI employee, hired to do support for them in this forum. I am here for all of you, and will work hard to solve any problems that you bring to our attention.


ALSO NOTE: RGone is a fellow DFI Employee here to assist you (and me!)


This means you aren't just getting answers from someone that might or might not know the answer to your question/problem. It means that whatever I cannot answer myself, and no one else has the answer, I will forward your problem/question on to the engineers at DFI themselves.


DFI is, in my opinion, the best motherboard maker I have ever been involved with, and not just because of the products they make. They have the best support efforts in the industry, and work to make sure each customer is happy, which in turn virtually guarantees that we will all be more than willing to try new DFI products as they come out. You will all see the truth of this statement as time goes on!


2. To those who are thinking of purchasing a DFI motherboard: The fact that this forum has an official DFI tech should make deciding on a DFI an easy choice.



i guess its not this way anymore



its my 3rd dfi in 3 months...i just love it......i dont seem to understand why nobody from staff will reply to me....


i have been trying along with other dfi owners to sort the problem out.....and i was unnable to do it :confused:


come on.....

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u r totally ignoring me....its ok

i flashed to 623-3....ssdd

it will boot with any mem in the house except with the 2 vx...

only 1 stick will boot on another mobo....

i filled the rma request to my local dealer.....

they will go by monday and i expect a new kit on fryday


i see a lot of answers to trivial questions in this forum

so i guess the mods are present.....

maybe i pissed off somebody....and now i cant get no help....



i still like dfi the same way




btw....the 2x256 mushkin special can reach 250 2-2-2-5 at 3,2v on the nf4....

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