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SLI-DR Won't Boot, Fans at Full Speed

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My computer is in my signature for anyone needing it.


First, I switched everything to my new case, and now, my computer won't boot at all. The fans turn on full speed, and nothing happens. My monitor doesn't even recognize that it's on.


When I have my RAM in slot 1&2 or 3&4, it just turns the fans on full speed, but when I try a single stick in all the slots, I get long beeps.


I only get the beeps when the memory is in one at a time, not with both of them in there.


I looked on the MoBo, and when it is powered on the standby light, dram light, and the 4,3, and 2 leds are on. The book says that those three lights mean CPU detected.


I cannot figure out what happened between the time I took the components out till, the time I put them back in the new case.


Thank you.



I finally got one of the sticks of ram to work in slot 1, but cannot get the other to work in slot 3 for dual channel.

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Does the actual heatsink fan spin, etc?

Sounds like the problem could be with your video card.. If everything internally turns on, and all the fans spin, etc. (and no beeping occours) then you should probably see something on your monitor

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perform exactly or the results are skewed and useless.


Remove power from the system. Pull cord from wall if you must. Or from rear of power supply.


Remove the battery.


Move the CMOS jumper to clear.


Move the speaker jumper to on position. Page 7 quick start manual.


Make sure you have a wired keyboard plugged into the PS2 port. Not USB in other words. USB to PS2 OK.


Leave the CMOS jumper at clear for at least 30 minutes.


Put ONLY one ( 1 ) stick of memory in ORANGE slot closest the top edge of motherboard.


Set the CMOS jumper back to normal.


Replace the battery.


Press and hold down the "Insert" Key on the keyboard.


Apply power to power supply again WITH "Insert" key still pressed down.


Press the start/power on button on the rig. WITH the "Insert" key still pressed down.


When you hear the beep from the speaker. Release the "Insert" Key and quickly press the "Delete" key

and enter the bios and load optimized defaults. Save and Exit bios and reboot to enter bios to make necessary adjustments.



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Okay, if you've got one working, but not both, then with the first stick in, make a bootable Memtest86+ CD (you can google it) and let it run at least 10 passes with the first stick in..


If no errors occour, then switch sticks (still only trying 1 at a time) and see if that errors or not within 10 or so passes.


If one errors, then it would be a bad stick of RAM, if both are fine, then back to the drawing board

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Alright, I tried to boot into windows with both, and one stick is apparently bad. I will run MemTest in the morning. Thank you for the help guys.


Glad you've at least (hopefully) pinpointed it..


Good luck, and don't forget to RMA the memory :)

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DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR, 3700+ San Diego @ 2915MHz, Thermalright XP-90c w/ Panaflo M1A, eVGA 6800Ultra @ 461/1180, Arctic Silencer NV5 Rev. 2, G Skill PC4400LE @ DDR500, 3.0V, 2x 74GB WD Raptors in RAID 0, 1x 250GB WD Caviar Storage

Its would be really hard to get things going without a PSU. j/k A DFI mobo requires a minimum of a 480W native 24 pin.

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