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bios flash from usb key?

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I am building a new system (parts shoudl be in wednesday or thursday) and wont be including a floppy drive. I would guess that it is possible to flash off of a usb key but a confirmation that it is possible would be nice.



U2ufo blue standard top, 7 panaflow ultrahighspeed (probably at 7 volts)

dfi nf4-slidr



wd 250 16megs cache

maxtor diamondmax 10 250 16megs cache

plextor 16x serial ata dvd burner

2 gigs ocz 3200 2-2-2

PCp&C 510sli


cooling once build is tested

thermochill 120.3 with ps120.3 shroud

swiftech storm

mcp655 pump

lunasio dfi chipset block

maze4 gpu

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thanks for the welcome, one of those did have some usefull info, did a quick search before posting but guess i worded it wrong as that particular one didnt come up


All good man, It took me a while to master the search engine for this page.



Please Put Your Specs In Your Sig.



GL with it and read read read.

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Sorry for thread hijack :( i have try to flash my bios via usb thumb drive, but i encounter some problem. After booting up, and start awdflash software. It will always freeze up. Anyone encounter this problem b4?(Problem solved. found out only bios 615 above is stable enough for the usb thumb drive to boot up)

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