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Terry Techno!


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well most of you are probly confused by the topic but I was cruisin the funny sites today

and found some hilarious videos most of which were from Triumph the inslult dog from

Conan Obrien... anyway I couldnt stop laughing at this video I found and then did a good search

and found 3 commercials he did for Motorola AUS...


The original video I found:



This site has the 3 motorola commercials where he's raving to ring tones:



Call me retarded but I cant stop laughing at the first one for some reason... It was like the first link

I sent to anyone (and everyone) on my buddy list in a long time that wasnt obscene....

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maybe the first time it isnt funny but after a few times I was rollin...

probly cause I was payin attention to details too... like it'd be

one thing if the guy was faking it but I started watching his legs

and stuff and it just cracked me up.... also his finishing move

w/ the "uh oh uh oh! bang bang bang bang!" and his hand lookin

like a gun..... I watch that at least 5 times a day now I just cant

get enough of it...

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