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Unknown issue maybe bad os install?

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Im not sure what to do now short of reformatting and going from there.

I rma'd a set of bh-5 utt

while waiting for them to come back i put in a stick of bad ch-5 and lowered it to 166 multi just till rma gets back

always got errors and crashed in 3d games like americas army

i swapped in 2X256 2-2-2 special and same thing is happening.

Memtest has no errors at all, and im going to run prime all night when i go to sleep tonight and see what happens here..

But as far as ch-5 not even running at 166 multi with no memtest errors im lost

all i wanna do is play some americas arym

sometimes i can play for hours other times i get instant crashes

and its not to desctop, reset button is only fix..

I have tried 4.40 gart and newest ati drivers no help

last ditch effort is reformat.

But what if this doesnt work.

Is there anyway to see if the cpu is going up on me?

Its practically new and barely has it ever been overclocked.

Could this be due to fluxuations in the fort 530 power?

right now typing this in windows mbm5 shows 1.31 whereas chip needs 1.35 for 2.4?

If so then wouldnt it just crash to desctop?

When it crashes screen freezes on what was last shown and sometimes teamspeak can still be heard choppy..

Any ideas would be great because im lost on this one..

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Guest bobyjo

Alienwhere :::This sounds like a memory problem more than anything else. I have 2 x 256 sticks of BH5 Mushkin and had some problems getting my system stable with bios 711.


I was under the impression that 711 was really good with low latency memory.


Anyway I replaced the BH5 with 2x512 TCCD Mushkin, and the system has been rock solid since.


You might try something like this or something else. Just remove the BH5, and try something else of the same or higher speed. See what happens.


I have Crucial, Samsung, Mushkin, and the Mushkin Black Phase 11 BH5 which is a year or so old, but passes memtest with flying colors. All is PC3200.

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