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NVidia 77.77 Drivers

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32-bit version HERE


64-bit version HERE


I just tried the 77.76's and those reduced my scores in 3DMark05 by about 1k, never had that happen so I obviously uninstalled them and put the 77.72's back in because they have been O so good to me. Installed these awhile ago and gained 350 marks with even lower clocks than before. So thought some folks may want to try them out.





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I loaded these today from 77.72 and went from 31420 to 31831 in 3DMark01. :D However my 3DMark05 scores went up slightly-100-150 points.

So far so good. I am going to download the 32 bit version for my XPS Gen II laptop.


Lee Dye

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when I first intalled 77.77 it worked fine on initial boot but of course I enabled SLi mode again and it still worked fine,


then i switched SLI mode off and I got a problem with that new 77.77 driver as when i switched SLI mode off in the driver my computer asked to reboot and would not boot up again (BSOD after windows loading screen), will boot in safe mode and with last known good config (the latter puts SLI mode back on),


i uninstalled the driver and it booted up ok, reinstalled it and no boot again (Same problem), loaded last known good again and removed driver and loaded up no probs again, then reinstalled 77.72 and voila all works again,


any suggestions welcome and i'll try them again, as i sometimes need to use 2 screens which still does not work in SLi mode


edit: think ill try same driver with only one card....

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