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Will my Lanparty SLI DR recognise 4 sticks of ram???

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Just a noobish question.


Im new to DFI so any help will be appreciated.


Im bout to buy another twinx pack of corsair 2x512mb xms pc3200 c2. I already have this in my system running in dual.

Will there be any problems running all 4 in it, are there any settings i need to change in the complex bios???


Reason why im asking is before with my old ram (512mb ocz el pc3200, 512mb corsair xms pro pc3200 c2) in with the new twinx it didnt want to post with either the ocz or xms pro in there or both in there with the new stuff.


I guess that was because it wasnt because they didnt have their timings right? Coming from Abit it worked perfectly with mix matched sticks. But yeh been having trouble with memory with this DFI.


So... will i foresee any problems having 4 sticks of exactly the same stuff in my board, or will it not be able to post, and ill just have to stick with 2 :O

I just dont want to waste $200 on more ram for BF2, when its not gonna work in this board.


other specs:

a64 venice 3000, leadtek 6600gt extreme pcie, out of the box bios revision on the mobo, and above mentioned corsair twinx

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It will deffintly run it, i have 4x512 of OCZ..but it is much much more difficult to O/C and you will be running at 2t which isnt a big deal..


Oh and if your memoery settings are mosty at auto now, your oging to have some reading and tweaking to do, cuase you probably wont be able ot run 4x512 with out setting the majority of hte settings yourself.


If you do do it, hit me up with a PM and i will send ya my settings..

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BE VERY CAREFUL tho, as the chances are you WONT get the BIOS to recognise all 2Gb if your buying more memory to compliment what you already have. To be sure you really need to buy all 4 sticks at the same time !!


I made the mistake of buying another set of 2x512Mb Corsair XMS 3200C2PT memory to go along side the existing set of 2x512Mb Corsair XMS 3200C2PT. I bought from both sets from the SAME re-seller and around 2-3 weeks apart.


When i put them in my system, it would boot but the BIOS would only recognise 1Gb total, because the DFI boards only like 4 sticks if it has identical SPD tables.


Unfortuntely my 1st 2x512Mb Corsair XMS 3200C2PT 's were V1.5's (ie UTT-BH5) and the other set were V4.2's (ie Samsung TCCD/TCC5) so i couldnt use them together. Because of all the problems i ended up with 5Gb in total (10x512Mb Sticks of various memory) before i got a matching quad set of 512Mb Sticks.


If you know what Rev you got now, i still have 1Gb left of the 3Gb had on Ebay. Check out your Rev (top right hand side of the Dimm) and head over too http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=6788099445


As someone put it here to me in this Forum. Corsairs 3200 C2 memory is the WHORE of memories. Everyone has had a go !! Look here to check out what chips your memory is using --> http://www.techpowerup.com/memdb/

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well wish me luck ill go out and buy the new ones, they should be the exact same ones.

ill find out the the number on the ram too for yas.


ive seen a bios dram config on here before that i might try out too.


so you think with all 4 slots taken it will only run at ddr333?

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ok well i got the ram, it all booted fine saying 2gb until it got to load windows then gave me the bsod error:


the bios in this system is not fully acpi compliant. Please contact system vendor for updated bios blah blah.


So im going to update bios i guess now, hopefully to fix the problem. First time ive updated a bios too.


ok it all worked good, but the timings arent that great its at cas3 so if anyone has a good dram config based around my ram pm me thanks.

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