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CPU Limit?


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im using Winchester 3000+, currently running:


CPU = 2432MHz

FSB = 304MHz

Multi = 8x

HTT = 3x

Vcore = 1.325 x 1.23%

LDT Voltage = 1.20v

Chipset Voltage = 1.50v


Divider = 180 (DFI SLI-D BIOS 510-2FIX)

RAM = 270MHz

Vdimm = 3.63v

Timings (in BIOS) = 2.0-2-5-2-7-17-2-2-1-2-3120

Twcl = Auto

DRAM Interleave = Disabled

DQS Skew Value = 0

DRAM Drive Strength = 3

DRAM Data Drive Strength = 1

Max Async Latency = 7ns

Read Preamble Time = 5ns

Idle Cycle Limit = 16clks

Dynamic Counter = Enabled

R/W Queue Bypass = 16x

Bypass Max = 7x

32 Byte Granuality = Disabled


*As above, my system stable, 8 hours MemTest, 8 hours SP2004, 32M SuperPI.


Then i tried to increase the OC:


CPU = 2560MHz

FSB = 320MHz

Multi = 8x

HTT = 3x

Vcore = 1.325 x 1.23%

LDT Voltage = 1.20v

Chipset Voltage = 1.50v


RAM 256MHz (Divider = 166) with Vdimm 3.42v

Timings = Same as above


First time i used vdimm 3.63v as previous system, but i tried reduce it untill 3.42v coz i think enough for my RAM run 256MHz and it stable with no ERROR for 8 hours MemTest.

I can Enter the Windows with no problem, i tried Everest and Sandra, they show some increases in performance than previous OC.

The problem happened when i tried SuperPI, it got error about 5 seconds after i clicked the OK Button for 32M test.


I tried to solve this problem, i increased the CPU vcore from 1.62 - 1.72v, Vdimm up to 3.63v (as previous OC which run 270MHz), LDT up to 1.50v, Chipset up to 1.80v and i still CAN'T PASS the SuperPI, it got ERROR in about 5 secs (also SP2004 failed less than 1 min)


Anyone knows where's the problem with the new OC?

Is it coz my MOBO limit CAN'T DO FSB 320MHz? Or coz my CPU CAN'T RUN >2.4GHz ?


I'm sure that's not my RAM problem as long no ERROR in MemTest for 8 hours, but is there something i should change in Timings? I tried change to 2.0-2-6-2-8-17-3-3-1-2-0648-256clks, that's NOT HELP.


I havent tried to lower the multi to 7x, but i tried to reach my cpu to go 2.5 - 2.6GHz.

Anyone knows what the limit for Winchester 3000+?

I tried 8 x 325MHz, MemTest got error or HANG with some BEEP.



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