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Installing problems with new system

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My new PC:

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice

DFI LANparty UT nF4 Ultra-D, nForce4

Infineon-Chip/Orig 512MB PC3200 DDR CL3 (2x)

Club-3D Radeon X800 XL, 256M

Samsung SpinPoint P120 250GB SATA II

DVD-ROM Plextor PX-130A

be quiet Blackline P5 470W ATX 2.0


I can't install Win2k or WinXP. When I boot the installation CDs (with newest SP) the computer freezes during the system check of the windows setup programm.

I don't even get to the point there I can install the SATA drivers.


To check whether it is a hardware problem I startet a Knoppix CD (bootable Linux CD, runs Linux without installation to harddisc). And it worked. No problem with Linux.

Then I tried to install WinXP64. This worked, too. So, the hardware seems to be ok.


But why can't I install WinXP or Win2k. Is there any trick behind that?

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Did you plug all 4 power connectors into the board?

- Floppy one under the cpu socket

- Hard drive one on top the chipset fan


Does you video card require a power connector too?

Make sure it is plugged in too.


Have you tried memtest yet?

- Run memtest

- If you get any errors instantly stop

- Set the memory voltage to 2.8v

- Run memtest again.

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