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Problems With NVidia LAn Port on NF4 Ultra-D

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Hi folks, I connect to the internet and to an home network through a 3com router. If I use the Marvel Lan Port it's all ok, it connects to everything and works fine, if I use the Nvidia Lan Port internet connection doesn't works, nothing, nada, nope. The funny thing is that I still can view my home network but there's no way I can go out on the internet. I have uninstalled the Nvidia Firewall because it sucks big time, under heavy load (Emule) it literally shut off my machine. I made a clean install of windows xp but it doesn't works.


What can I do?


p.s.: tinkering with the bios I accidentaly blanked out my MAC address, now it's 00:00:00:00:00... where do I can get a "working" mac address?

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I had the same problem, the only way I was able to solve it was to completely uninstall the nvidia drivers and firewall, and then re-install and make sure I did not install the nividia firewall.


I don't have the nvidia firewall installed and I have a fresh install. This issue is driving me crazy.

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