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Before I answer your question (even though it is a simple to me answer), could you please do me (and others who assist you) the favor of reading the forum rules and posting a sig (as required) of the equipment you are currently running? If you have any difficulties creating a sig, please PM me and I will assist you in doing so. Thanks! :)

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I've tried that, it seems to magically be missing, haha. There is an empty space just above Performance Mode, is that where it should be? I've got it running 1:1 now by changing DRAM type from 533 to 400, which allows me to keep 1:1 stock and in ClockGen but I'm not sure if it will work with the bios overclocking features too. Anyways, I'll try it out and get back to you.


EDIT:Yep, that worked. Thanks for the help!


Also, I read that Nvidia cards bite the dust when you set PCI-E to auto instead of locking it to 115mhz or so, well my Quadro FX3400 ("Professional" line of Nvidia card, roughly equivalent to a 6800 GT) seems to do fine, I have no trouble getting video output 260+ while set to auto, now booting into windows is another story, haha. Is there a way to check your PCI-E frequency while in windows when it's set to auto?


Currently running my FSB at 255mhz

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