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Is this a realistic target?

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Is this a realistic goal to have on my new NF3 Ultra-D build?


Sandy 3700+ and BH-5


HTT - 255

LDT - 11

Mem @ 1:1


For 2.8GHz

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Yes I acheived 2.8 witha 255x11 1:1. It took quite a bit of voltage (1.7v) to get there and be stable but it can be done with the right cooling


the sweet spot on the 3700 san diego is 2750 (250x11)


I can run at 250x11 at 1.6v and never see above 44c

I can run at 255x11 at 1.7v and get as high as 57c


Is the increase in 50mhz worth 13c. In my opinion no

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