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nf3ut 250 memory suggestions?

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First of all I used to use twinmos speed premium utt bh-5 and am going to have them returned today.

They were just too much of a hassle inthis bios for me to deal with thenthey blew.

So here we are

I have 2 suggestions which one would u go for?

I pretty much have my mind made up but ill see what everyone else here has to say first b4 i decide..

OCZ Goldies origonal bh-5 i think?


OCZ Plat EL babies! My choice as of now


I want something thatll do 250+ 1:1 2-2-2-5 1T no problems with timings in bios and all that..


If these arent what I should get than plz put me a linky as to what you would pick up if it was ur decision plz...

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do u know of anyway i can still get my hands on a gig of bh-5's?

Thats pretty much all i want at the moment, since ive had a gig of ch-5 and bh-5 utt go up on me and im tired of untested crap..

While it would easily do 240 with only 3.2 volts which i loved it just gave out on me way to fast..

I mean as far as the merchants go that is i dont wanna try to ebay it or any auctions, which i think is only way i can snatch some..

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rgr [email protected]

Do u think i should go with bh-5 or should i go another route?

I also besides the fact i want 250 and ultra tight want something that doesnt take me 3 weeks to put all timings in just to be able to run right.

Thats the craziest part

I have a 512 of ch-5 i put in here set 2-2-2-5-7-16 dr str 1 and 16x and thats it shell do 245 right oout of gate

utt bh-5 make me try every dam setting under the sun to get runnin error free

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