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System automatic restart on boot up

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New PC build

Installation went smoothly.

When powering up for the first time system restarts itself a some point during boot up sequence. After it resets itself tend to boot up fine even when selecting 'start windows normally'


Tend to do this verytime computer is (powered down then) powered up


I'm not sure where to start with fault finding here. Would be grateful for any assistance.


System Specs:

Windows XP Professional SP2

F-Secure Internet security 2005


Hiper Type R 580W PSU

DFI NF4-Ultra D motherboard

Athlon 3700+ san diego

OCZ paltinum EL PC3200 2*512mb

His Radeon X800XL PCI-E graphics

Seagate Barricuda 7200.8 300GB HDD SATA

Plextor PX-712 SATA DVDRW


NO overclocking




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I have this problem sometimes. I have a couple hard drives that it are trying to spin up so I think that it could be a power issue. Im at work so I don't remember the exact name for it but try adjusting the Hard drive power up delay option in your bios to maybe like 8 seconds.

Let me know if this works for you.

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