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Lg Gce-8520b 52/24/52 Cd-rw


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This is a review of my cd-rw (or more specifically, the exact same model, not my specific example)


ever since I bought it (months ago, so I can't return it....not that I could anyway, since I live 400 km from the place I bought it from), it has not performed at whatever it claims to. It burns cds at 32x, reads at what I believe to be 1500KB/s max, and oddly enough, only functions in PIO mode, not UDMA.


I've tried desparately to get it to register as UDMA mode. I've managed to get it to UDMA2 once, but it didnt' transfer any faster. Today, I bought two 80 pin IDE cables supporting UDMA mode, and there has been no change (though my 16x DVD drive is transferring at 2500-3500 KB/s instead of 1800KB/s)


from the review link above:


Supports UDMA 33


so anyway, two questions:


1) can I fix my "52x" cdrom drive?

2) if I can't what's a decent, UDMA supporting cdrom that you would recommend getting?

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