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Alright guys, I've been here for a while, just never posted. Now I need your help or opinion. I'm currently building my new PC, and having some trouble deciding on which motherboard to go with. I've narrowed it down to three, please give me some feedback on which one you think and why.


1. DFI LanParty Pro 875

2. ASUS P4C800 Deluxe

3. GigaByte GA-8KNXP


All 3 have a about the same features, the main one being a 800MHz FSB to support my P4 3.06 800MHz. I'm going to be running (2) Corsair 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM, (2) WD Caviar Ultra 120GB HD, ATi Radeon 9600 Pro Video Card, haven't quite decided on a sound card yet, and XP Pro. I've only dealt with DFI boards before and I was pretty impressed, but I wanna keep my options open this time. Anywayz, can you guys help? I've heard such mixed reviews about all of them that I don't know where to turn.

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Yeah, that is the main drawback to mine now, that's why I'd like to go with something else. GigaByte is supposed to have some good boards, I've just never seen one run or heard anything substantial about it.

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