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Inspire 5200 Or Logitech Z-640?


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Hey all, i have Creative Inspire 5200, and i was wondering if anyone knew whether it was worth it to get the Z-640's to replace them


P.S. for some reason the center satellite will not work on my 5200's if anyone has had the same prob and figured out the reason, hollar

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Well if it doesn't work then that answers your question...but from what I have researched the z-640's rock..


However, speakers are a very individual thing... while I may like a more Bass tone, you may like more timbre in your sound. etc. etc.


is there any place that yopu can go and listen to some??

Bestbuy around here has several that you can listen to..

I was going to buy one brand (I can't remember which one) that everyone said sounded great, but when I listened to them I truly disliked thme.... I ended up with Altec Lansing (no surround) and love them...


so see if you can test some out

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