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Guest chrisexv6

What *current* memory?

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Guest chrisexv6

Ive done plenty of searching the past couple days to try and determine what RAM to purchase for my new build (NF4 UltraD, Venice 3000+), but Im getting a little confused because Im not 100% sure what is currently what when it comes to RAM and the chips they are using.


Ive read TCCD is great, TCC5 not so good. BH5 maybe, CH5 is OK, etc.


I hate to start another "what RAM" thread, but unfortunately thats about where I am.


*As of today, right now* what RAM is good for this board/CPU combo? Id like to stay in midrange pricing (130-150) but anything close to that range Ill consider (i.e. OCZ Gold, VX, etc). Ive been all over the place trying to figure out what RAM to get, but once I find a couple good posts, I do more research and find more bad posts.


Id like to overclock the best I can without breaking the bank, which is why my price range might be considered a little low.


Thanks in advance!!!


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Guest chrisexv6

OK, I added my sig (see below). I doubt its going to help answer my question though :) I dont have anything for the system because I cant decide on RAM!!



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This is a small list, there are more modules that will work.

- Crucial Ballistix PC3200 [2-2-2-6]

- Crucial Ballistix PC4000 [3-4-4-8 was previously 2.5-4-4-8]

- Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000 [2.5-4-4-8]




- OCZ EL GOLD (non-VX) (UTT BH-5) [2-2-2-5]

Part number: OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K




- OCZ EL Platinum Rev2 (TCCD/TCC5) 2-2-2-5]

Part number: OCZ4001024ELDCPER2-K




- GEIL ONE (TCCD) [1.5-2-2-5]




- GEIL ONE (BH) [1.5-2-2-5]




- Geil ultra-X (TCCD or UTT BH-5 ) [2-2-2-5]

Part number: GLX1GB3200DC




- G.SKILL (TCCD) [2-2-2-5]

Part number: F1-3200BWU2-1GBGH




- Patriot (TCCD) [2-2-2-5]

Part number: PDC1G3200+XBLK




- Mushkin (TCCD) [2-2-2-X]

Part number: 991357




- Kingston HyperX (TCCD) [2-2-2-5]

Part number: KHX3200ULK2/1G




Something else I posted before,


PC3200/PC4000 gold vx = Winbond chips (UTT CH-5)



what do you want?

Something that can do DDR500 @ [email protected] (go for the pc4000VX)


Same questions really, what do you want?


- PC3200 GOLD VX = 2-2-2-8 @3.2v @200Mhz (UTT CH-5 chips)

- PC3200 GOLD = 2-2-2-5 @2.8v @200Mhz (UTT BH-5 chips)


- PC3200 Platinum REV2 = 2-2-2-5 @2.75v @200Mhz (TCCD/TCC5 chips)


- PC4000 GOLD VX = 2-2-2-8 @3.3v @250Mhz (UTT CH-5 chips)


Dont get the PC3200 GOLD VX, its needs a lot of voltage to do 2-2-2-8,

OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold is the better choice out of these 2.


The PC3200 Platinum REV 2 is a better choice if you want something that takes less voltage, so this might be the one to go for but?


If you plan on overclocking, the TCCD/TCC5 and UTT BH-5 chips can both overclock well but the TCCD cannot maintain the low timings.


The UTT BH-5 can if you increase the voltage, so it is a better choice if you want low timings at high frequencies.


And now for the PC4000 VX.

2-2-2-8 @3.3v @250Mhz :(


They dont call it Voltage extreme for nothing :)


Anway time to choose,

TCCD = good overclocker at low voltages.


InsaneTek like reviewing OCZ modules, shame they didmt use a DFI nF4 board

(MSI are good boards too)


275Mhz @ 2.5-3-3-7 is very good, so TCCD/TCC5 is an excellent choice if you want to push the CPU to its limits.


The OCZ PC3200 gold (non-VX) will reach 250Mhz @2-2-2-5 @~3.5v.



So here is a short summary,


Micron 5B-G (chips in the Crucial modules)

There seems to be a lack of info so some of this may not be accurate.

- can operate at 2.6v @200Mhz

- When overclocking it will require more voltage, can take 3.2v.

- You must increase the timings.

- 250Mhz @ 2.5-2-2-X, some say possible with ~2.7v

- Maximum overclock varies, same say 280Mhz is possible.



- Requires 2.8v @200Mhz

- When overclocking it requires more voltage than CH-5 at the high frequencies

- Can maintain low timings at high frequencies

- Gets very hot, must be cooled



- Requires 3.0v-3.2v @200Mhz, more than UTT BH-5

- When overclocking it needs less than UTT BH-5 to achieve the same results.

- Can maintain low timings at high frequencies

- Gets very hot, must be cooled



- Requires 2.75v @200Mhz

- When overclocking it still requires less voltage than UTT BH-5/CH-5

- Timing must be increased when you overclock

- It will reach a higher overclock than UTT BH-5/CH-5 (300Mhz is possible).

- Helps you get a good overclock out of your CPU too.

- you will never go beyond 3.0v (3.2v is pushing it) too so it does not get as hot.


For me, TCCD/TCC5 chips are the way forward but I would like to see more testing with the Mircon chips, I think it has some potential.


I should try to make my other post more colourful.

If I have made any mistakes/got something wrong let me know.

Oops I finished with a disclaimer, I must be turning pro


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I know in Canada, pricewise the OCZ EL gold with BH5 (OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K) is an incredible value. In fact nothing even comes close except for OCZ VX3200. TCCD has a big price premium here. I still think its worth it. I hate having dedicated ram cooling.


CA pricing: Dangeo.com


OCZ GOld 3200 $185CA

OCZ VX3200 $202CA

OCZ Plat Rev2 Tcc5: $236

Corsair TCCD 3200XL $260CA

Corsair TCCD 4400C25 $269CA (On sale)


US prices from Newegg:


Mushkin Redline PC3500 (BH6 - like VX) is only $169.95 at newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146389

Thats a good deal IMO. The Redline PC3200 is only $143


Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK is TCCD based (Probably) for $165.75


Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL is definitely TCCD but goes for $197


Mushkin XP3200 Dual Pack 1GB (Just like PLat rev 2) is TCC5 and goes for $167


OCZ EL Gold [bH5] (OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K) is only $139.50 and thats for a gig of quality BH5. 2 gigs is under $300 after tax and shipping. Its a steal.


OCX VX3200 [bH6](OCZ4001024ELDCGEVX-K) is even less. After $15 rebate its: $132.75


OCZ VX4000 [bH6](OCZ5001024ELDCGEVX-K) is till cheap at $179.99


OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 OCZ4001024ELDCPER2-K is $168 with TCC5.


In Canada we dont get Buffalo Tech, Patriot or many of the other smaller memory brands.

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Guest chrisexv6

Wow, great list!! Thanks for the info!


One more question though. Ive read some "negative" things about TCC5 and overclocking. However, most of the posts didnt seem to be recent (more like early June).


Have things changed on the TCC5 front that I dont know about? It seems hit or miss to find something thats definitely TCCD (without paying a LOT), so I was hoping that TCC5 might be just as good. I know ive read that TCC5 seems to require a lot of voltage, which I hope to avoid (dont want dedicated RAM cooling unless I absolutely have to have it).




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