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DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D and D-Link DWL-520+ Wireless PCI Card (Help Pl

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Hi there, ive just bought the rig in my sig...i like its performance, but ive got a few niggles with it at the moment.....one of them being now ive installed my D-Link DWL 520+ PCI Network card in, is that i can browse the internet and download.

But when it comes to playing a online game as such as CS Source....i get a massive amount of Loss and Choke all rolled into one, which variates quite a considerable amount.

But non the less, it still makes the game impossible to play....or get on the server at all.


Could anyone give me any advice?


I've tried the lastest drivers from D-Link....ive updated the router bios, ive updated windows, also tried this with the latest Nvidia NF4 drivers.......but still the problem persists. I've even tried re-downloading the Game from steam without success at downloading it either...i could dload it all on my old rig, this one it would get to 90% and stop dloading CS Source and HL2 from steam.

Connected it to a wired connection downstairs on the router....and bam off it went dloading it again :S


When i use to play it on my XP2800 on a MSI K7N2-L motherboard with 2 sticks of 256mb kingston PC3200 valueram....with a 9600XT and a 480watt Thermaltake Psu, the problem was never this bad.....yea....if my signal dropped as it would as its not as strong as id like tbh.....if my signal drops to 49% the net basically dies all together until it regains signal....and with a good signal i would get a little choke on some 12 player servers, but not alot of loss....only if i lost the connection again.


With the Athlon64 rig i'm getting around 45 Loss and 56 Choke.....dont know what it is thats causing it, im totally baffled....hoping some of you guys can help me :)


Also, im not overclocked as listed atm either.


Many Thanks in advance...



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