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Problems with dual channel on ultra d

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I've got:

A64 3500+ Venice

DFI Lanparty UT Ultra D

500W Ultra Xconnect PSU

1 Gig Kingston PC3200



So... If I try to run the memory dual channel, it will freeze before windows even loads... then when I restart it, it will automatically restart it before windows loads. I turned off Auto restart on system error, and now it comes up with a blue screen stating that the BIOS does not support ACPI. So I go into the BIOS and disable ACPI. Now, it doesn't bring up the blue screen, but just restarts automatically again.


Now, I can fix this for ONE boot. By popping out the CMOS battery, waiting a few mins, pop it back in, it will get into windows. It shows that it works too, for a while, as benchmark software shows a good 20-30 fps higher than when I run in single channel mode (which works fine). But it will lock up, I'll restart, and it will begin anew with automatically restarting.


I've put both sticks by themselves in, and nothing has seemed wrong. I've flashed the newest (beta) bios, 702.


Any ideas?


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Right off I see 2 possible problems.


1 Is that PSU a native 24 pin as required by DFI?

2 Ram may be a problem. This DFI does not like Value anything.


Have you manually tweak your Dram options?


1. No. Didn't know it was required.

2. I've ordered another gig, both because I want 2 gigs and to test it, except this time got some Corsair XMS.


Haven't manually tweaked anything yet, I've never messed with RAM settings... didn't want to fry anything.

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Well, I got it to work.


I read the memory guide here, and set all the Genie Bios DRAM settings to as stable as possible.


Any recommendations otherwise? Should I set to Optimized defaults and try just changing the RAM timings to what it's supposed to be, to save bandwidth?

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