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DFI Lanparty nf4 ultra-D boot problems

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Hi all.


huge problems here..


here is my scenario:


Yesterday i received the following parts:


DFI Lanpary NF4 Ultra-D

Athlon 64 3200 939 (Venice)

OCZ Gold EL 3200 512mb x 2 (running dual channel)

Gigacube x800XL

The case is a thermaltake tsunami with 400w p/s it has a 20 - 24 pin adaptor.


I built the pc and had a few problems to begin with, but after that it was working ok till i formatted my hard drive for XP install, came back and the computer was OFF.


Now i turn it back on and no video display on screen, no beeps, no nothing.


The four LEDS on the mobo are lit up and it does NOT get past that.


Ive tried to clear cmos but i dunno if im doing it right ?


take power cord out of p/s

set cmos jumper to CLEAR

take out battery

leave for 1 minute

set jumper to DEFAULT

but battery back in

tested and same thing


any ideas/suggestions...thanks !

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I would also be willing to bet it is your power supply...do you happen to have another system around that you could test your P/S out with? (Either that or a Volt-meter will do)

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