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ibm t42 deal? should i take it?

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i low ball bid on a t42 on ebay. this model: http://www-131.ibm.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...&catalogId=-840

i only bid $800 so i obviously didn't win. the seller emailed me back with this:


Dear customer,

I noticed that you were bidding on this product New IBM T42 2379 Thinkpad Laptop. I

have 2 of those ready to ship.I am selling them for a discounted price 800 USD.As a

courtesy to you and every other customer, all shipping and customs charges will be

included in the full purchase price and we notice you are biding for this product

and we would like to make you an offer.(If you have any questions and you are

interested in the product contact me in this e-mail ********@hotmail.com)


i replied and they sent:



The computers are brand new,in sealed box with full warranty.The computers its have the same specs like that you have bid on.This deal is will go trough eBay .

You have the opportunity to purchase this item(same item)at this price with free shipping.

If you're ready for this purchase, I need to know your eBay user ID, full

name and address.

As soon as I have this informations I'll start the official procedure, and

eBay will notify you about this. You'll also receive important guidelines +

instructions from them (please go through them exactly).

I'll handle the shipping, so this will be free of charge for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards


their ebay rating is 99.3% with 291 feedbacks. should i do this?

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Hmmm... I've seen similar scams to this before. They use hacked Ebay accounts...

There was a great one where they actually took the scammers for a ride and left them about $400 out of pocket :shake: Exactly the same situation too, but the guy being scammed was selling a Laptop.


I'm not saying this is a scam but i'd just be VERY wary of anyone emailing out of the blue like that... But as long as your doing it all actually through Ebay, then your protected and if it is a scam you can claim your money back(minus about $15)... Its up to you, but i'd seriously check everything out first to be on the safe side.

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A $600 discount from what you could get them from IBM/Lenovo for... I can't even get that price and I get discounts because we buy all our systems from IBM. I would be a bit wary of that deal.

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Yep, completely typical scam that happens on eBay, and other places, frequently. Report the member to the proper eBay authorities as it is against their Terms-of-Use policies. Make sure to include the e-mail you received from him.

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but if it's through ebay, it should be safe right? even if it's a scam?

If it IS through Ebay...

Some of these scammers are clever and can send you "Official" looking emails, and link you to "Official" looking sites(though they are pretty easy to suss out ;)).


I recieved a couple of emails not long ago, claiming to be from PayPal saying they'd noticed suspicious activity in my account and would suspend it unless i clicked on on a link in the email and entered my username and password. Just hovering the cursor over the supposed PayPal website link in the email actually showed it as being some site in Romania(in the taskbar...) :D

What got me is how they'd got my email in the first place. Its a very private address that i use and i'd only just updated my account to it, so says a lot about Ebay security don't it :rolleyes:


It could be straight up, but rather than replying directly to the guys emails try emailing him directly through Ebay, just incase its just someone pretending to be him... It does sound a bit cheap and he could obviously get more by just listing them on Ebay. So you have to ask, why is he offering it so cheap?


Its possible that his account has been hacked even without him knowing i suppose...


Paying him directly through Ebay & PayPal would be a very good idea if you decide to go for it, then you have some protection if it all goes wrong... But as Ace points out, dealings such as this would appear to be against Ebays Terms Of Use Policy...

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