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heh, Tommy's Trauma Center (sounds like a hospital for the damned eh? heh)


nice case Tommy...is that a Chieftech/Chenbro?

Antec 1035-b. Been a very good case, Easy access to all the stuff, and the hard drive cages just pop right out to install the 80mm fan in front of them.


Definitely looks like a rebadged Dragon to me, its identical. Theres a few rebadged versions of the Chenbro/Chieftecs i've noticed, Raidmax do one.

I like the Chieftecs, great cases. I have the BX-01 :)

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ok i just took some updated pics as i cant for the life of me find the thread we had going earlier about workspace (yes i used the search button but i cant remember any keywords apparently that might have worked).


so anyway, if you guys find the thread, I'll merge it with this one ;)















what a freakin wreck it is again...i just cleaned it about 5 days ago and it is already tornado alley...typical though...

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i hope you never get robbed lol. got alot of stuff in there. sounds like you can multi task. and women say men cant multi-task . what does your electric bill run in that place? lol. do you ever trip a bunch of breakers? :shake:

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Smoken Joe & txmale:


that AC only gets put in the window from...maybe June to September? We just moved up here last year so we aren't real sure about how long it stays hot or cold, but even today, middle of may, we just leave a screen door open and that's about it...


during June-August though it gets quite warm in here, but that is mainly from 5+ machines running all day and night lol (we turn off the AC and unecessary rigs at night...electrical fire is my worst nightmare)



the electric bill...about $70-$100 in winter, and about $80-$120 per month in the dead of summer.


it would be about $40-$50 a month every month if we didn't have all these computers running ;)

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