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Overclocking, what's more important


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Having the highest 1:1 CPU: RAM timings as possible, or having the highest A-synch timings you can achieve.


Currently running the below set up at 222Mhz (RAM timings - 2.5-3-3-6 @2.7v) without errors, but do I relax RAM timings more to get higher synch (1:1) overclock or do I go a-synch and change the CPU:RAM divider?

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So, I'd be better off with my RAM timings at 2-3-3-5 with a 5:4 divider (RAM @ 200Mhz) and cpu at 250Mhz which would get me a cpu overclock of 2250Mhz (450mhz over stock).


My XMS was stable at 210mhz (1:1) with the above timings, so I may be able to get the cpu a little higher.


Thanks, I know what I can work towards now!

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I don't mean to steal this thread, but I've got another poser for everyone here...


What's more important for overall overclocked system performance...


10x multi, or having 512k over 128k of L2 chache

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Guest Blooz1

I'd say the 10x multi, at least with the Sempron! The cache doesn't seem to matter as much to me.


Do you have that rig up and running, Rustafur, or are those parts on order? With the 2800+, the default multi is 8, so you'll need to run high HTT for speed! (The Sempys can do it though!)

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I gotta wait until payday until I can order it up, which will be next friday. Just in time for me to get sent to spain for two weeks... ugh. And I've changed my mind on the proc, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for the 3000, or 3300 to take advantage of the higher muti's. But those 90nm's can sure crank up the HTT can't they?

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Guest Blooz1

Yeah, they sure can! Good move going for the higher multis - your ram will love you for it!


Now that I've got my VX running the way it should, I'm going to see how much more I can get out of this 2800! I've had it up to 2.6 foolin' around, but it wasn't stable with the settings I was using.


So, now I'm taking it slow and doing it the right way!

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Oh wow, 2.6? I'm just shooting for 2.4 for my build, as this is my first OC'd rig. So you can bet I'll have a build journal on here with new questions every day.


...and to keep on topic in this conversation, well sort of.


I am planning on upgrading to 2GB of memory soon, will this have a grave effect on my HTT, even with memory dividers in place? I don't see how it would, but hey I'm a newb at OC'ing.

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Ok, running 2.5-3-3-6 RAM Timings at 205Mhz. CPU is at 2257Mhz (9*250Mhz) at 1.36v.


Just Ran 3D Mark 2005 and got a score of 3839.


That any good?


In the second pass of the gaming video, the playback was SO choppy. Is that normal? I've never run 3D Mark before and didn't know what to expect. But when i saw how choppy it was I began to sweat.


Here are the result out of the 3D Mark 2005;


System Configuration



General Information

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP


DirectX Version 9.0c


Mobo Manufacturer


Mobo Model NF4-INF


AGP Rates (Current/Available) N/A / N/A


CPU AMD Athlon 64 2257 MHz


FSB 201 MHz


Memory 1024 MB




Display Information

Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT


Driver Name NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT


Driver Version


Driver Status WHQL - FM Approved


Video Memory 128 MB


Core Clock 529 MHz


Memory Clock 1058 MHz




Benchmark Settings

Program Version 3DMark05 Revision 2 Build 0


Resolution [email protected] bit


Anti-Aliasing None


Texture Filtering Optimal


Vertex Shader Profile 3_0


Pixel Shader Profile 3_0


Force Full Precision Off


Disable DST Off


Disable Post-processing Off


Force Software Vertex Shaders Off


Color Mipmaps Off


Repeat Count Off




Main Test Results

3DMark Score 3839 3DMarks


CPU Score 5190 CPUMarks




Detailed Test Results



Game Tests

GT1 - Return To Proxycon 17.1 fps


GT2 - Firefly Forest 10.9 fps


GT3 - Canyon Flight 19.5 fps




CPU Tests

CPU Test 1 2.6 fps


CPU Test 2 4.7 fps




Feature Tests

Fill Rate - Single-Texturing N/A


Fill Rate - Multi-Texturing N/A


Pixel Shader N/A


Vertex Shader - Simple N/A


Vertex Shader - Complex N/A




Batch Size Tests

8 Triangles N/A


32 Triangles N/A


128 Triangles N/A


512 Triangles N/A


2048 Triangles N/A


32768 Triangles N/A

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