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Help Me Stop Agp Speed From Going Up

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Can any one help me over clock this system i can only get to 185FSB then the system will crash and i have tried uping the voltage with no luck



This is my system specs:


AMD 2800XP @2.312Ghz FSB 370


1Gb PC3500 Corsair Ram @444

ThermalTake Xaser 3 Case

Sound Blaster Audigy 2

Hercules Prophet View 920 DVI TFT 17"

Hercules 3d Prophet [email protected] 390/340

Western Digital Sata 36.7 Gb 10k

Seagate Baracuda 80Gb Ata 133

Seagate Baracuda 160Gb Sata 150

Corsair Hydrocool 200

System Temp Idle 41Degrees

Cpu Temp Idle 21 Degrees

System Temp 42Under Load degrees

Cpu Temp Under Load 26 degrees


Need some serious input :rolleyes::withstupid:

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Guest MetalMilitia18

duh, it says he has the corsair hydro cool, which is a WATER COOLING thing. Anyhoo, um, as to helping you there bud with overclocking it, try lowering your multiplier and raising the fsb, make sure your AGP frequency is locked in at 66 mhz, and you might be pushing your RAM to its limits, so keep that at 100% i say to allow you to acheive a higher fsb. your temps seem fine, what is your voltage by the way?


btw, how's that hydrocool working out for you? nice? seems like good temps, supposedly loud though

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Very hot day today my temps are at 26 idle and 30 under load but other than that the hydrocool is damm good a bit loud when u turn on the turbo but hey if i had a air cooling id probs have about 55 degrees. :unsure:


As for the locking the agp it doesnt look like i can do it in the bios is there any utilities u can get to do this other than one from gigabyte.


CPU Voltage =1.67v

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