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Disk Drives Causing Restart?

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Ok heres the deal


Sometimes when I put in a disk for my CD-Rom drive and/or CDRW (which i must say both drives have gone through 3 other systems for a couple years now...they are in my main system now)

At random times they may not read disks and/or take along time to read disks then restart my computer.

I was speculating that I was not getting enough power to the drives but I have a 400W Allied Dual-fan PSU (which is new only a couple months old) then I thought well maybe i need to replace both drives or get a more reliable and powerful PSU. I will try some tests with one drive then the other w/ my system.

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Istnt it weird how there has been a couple of post that involve PC restarting and shutting down? Did something happen. I have done a good search and there are like 5-6 other instances that people have posted in the last 3 weeks... Strange???




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