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FS: BFG 6800GT OC || ATi TV Tuner

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Please PM or email me at shahparth msn com for pictures

[b]BFG 6800 GT OC AGP[/b]
I just upgraded to x800XTPE and no longer need my BFG 6800GT OC. It was bought originally Brand New from my local [u]BestBuy [/u] on [b]10/22/04[/b]. It has worked maginificently but I just don't need anymore. It comes with a [b]LIFETIME warranty [/b] from BFG.

The card itself has AS5 on the core and it OC's to about [b]425/1150[/b]. I have only OCed for few minutes but other than that, it has always been at stock 370/1000. However, I cannot guarentee these OC speeds. This card is the new revision with Blue PCB and Blue LEDs from BFG.

I will include: 6800gt oc AGP, orginal box, manuals, 2 CDs and the [u]orginal BestBuy Receipt.[/u]

[color="Red"][u]Asking SOLD[/u][/color] PRICE DROP!

[b]ATi TV Tuner [/b]
I am selling this TV Tuner because I have no use of it anymore.

It is in perfect working condition however, I have painted the silver casing bright orange for UV purposes. It WILL NOT effect the performance at all. I am not sure if this is just the TV Tuner PCI or the TV Tuner VE. I have always installed the VE drivers and it worked like a charm.

This card is sold alone without accessories.

[color="Red"][u]Asking SOLD![/u][/color]


I accept PayPal or money order. I prefer non-CC for PayPal. My eBa id is Shah120. Email is shahparth[at] msn.com. Shipping can be shipped out in any way.

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Its AGP.

Here are some pics:




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Just TV.

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