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NF4-SLI-DR and 3500+ SD and HyperX PC3500 = Problems

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Hey guys

What a small nightmare i have gone through the past couples of days. dont know if this partially be my fault coming from a intel platform to a AMD platform.


Anyways, First problem i had was getting the SLI setup to work. Later i decided to install one GPU and then install the other when windows was installed and working. Ok and besides that the system only picks my ram up as 2.5-3-3-8 at the STD 2.6v.


Ok here comes the questions:

1. What drivers should I be using and I am running the latest from nvidia by the way

2. When running 3DM it hangs after the second test but only in SLI, reasons for this?

3. Providing I get the top two issues sorted out, what setting need to be done to get the HTT to 250 so that i can run the CPU at 2.750 GHz


Thanks for the help guys.



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Make a list of everthing that you are using.


A 550W+ PSU is required for a good stable SLi pc.


The LDT/Ratio must be decreased if you increase the HTT frequency.


Rule is,

- HTT x LDT ratio = must be 1000Mhz

- So for 250HTT you must use x4 LDT ratio.

- Over 250Mhz you must use x3 LDT ratio.


What are your modules rated timings at PC3500? (217Mhz)

You must plug all 4 power connectors into the board,

- Floppy one under the CPU socket

- Hard drive one on top the chipset fan

- Must use a 24pin PSU (very important)

- must be at leave 520W minimum (very important for SLi)


And you must make that list of components, (very important too).


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Ok sorry for not posting up the specs. I have not pluged in one of the power connectors, that would be the FDD connector below the CPU. Would this affect the system stability?


As far as my machine goes it is as follows

AMD Athlon 3500+ San Diago

Kingston HyperX 512MB BH-5 x2


Gigabyte 6600GT 128MB SLI x2

Aopen 450Watt PSU

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