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Dual Channel = Lower overclocking potential?

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Well, I am by no means done overclocking or testing, but I thought i'd post and get a rough idea of what might be an ideal situation given my current situation.


So far, i've set the mem divider to 1:2, so it shouldn't be an issue. I'm trying to find my max CPU potential and it turns out that when I run the ram in dual channel (actually, if i run two stick period, dual channel or not) my max HTT/FSB is 250. If i run 1 stick my max is about 292. Oh and when two sticks, it turns out that I see the windows loading splash screen, but before I can actually get to windows, it reboots.


My current system is in my sig, but just so you don't have to look, I'm running the venice 3000+ so the speeds are:


250 x 9 = 2.250 ghz

292 x 9 = 2.628 ghz


In case you were wondering, i'm running my vdimm voltage at 2.80.


So, i'm not sure about how much of a difference, for games, the extra 400 mhz or so will make. Any thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?




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Oh i can promise you those 400 mhz will make a difference, but then again, you would have a great lack of ram, if you only have a 512 mb stick. This raises the interesting question, do you have to change to single channel rams to get a superior improved cpu overclock?

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