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Boots 2.8ghz but stables only 2.55ghz

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Wondering if anyone can be of any help.


Currently running @ 2.55ghz ( 285*9) and is stable on all tests and BF2, 2.6ghz is fully windows running stress test stable, but BF2 will reboot so I dont.


Using ClockGen for nVidia nForce4 I can get it to 2.8ghz, that will reboot with seconds.

2.7ghz will run 1mb SuperPi ( havent had chance to test further yet ) but Prime95 will crash after about 5min.


Wondering why I can set the speeds to 2.8ghz but only 2.55ghz seem to be 100% stable?


Voltage is auto + 110 VID so running at 1.49v, the 2.7ghz+ needs 1.5v.



Anything I might have missed or is it 2.55ghz for the this chip?

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