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Please help get my nF3 stable

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Hi, I'm having trouble getting Windows XP Home SP2 running stable on my new motherboard, the DFI LANparty UT nF3 250gb.


Upon first installing I had constant BSODs. Ran memcheck v1.51 from a boot-cd and the memory checks out fine.


Then I flashed to the latest official BIOS (following the correct procedure, where you reset the CMOS afterward) and changed some BIOS settings to some that I thought would be safer:


2T timing instead of 1T

Fastwrites: disabled

Memory speed set to 333MHz instead of 400MHz

Cool 'n Quiet: disabled

Thermal Throttling: disabled


No O/C or anything. Then I did a reformat and followed the installation procedure from the sticky thread to the letter. I was then able to play Doom3 for a couple of hours with no problems, then went to bed.


Next day I put the computer on-line, installed Norman firewall/antivirus, then got USB 2.0 working by removing anything USB-related and rebooting, upon which Windows found the devices and installed the proper drivers.


And now I'm getting occasional BSOD's (one every hour or so). It happens when I'm just surfing the web or doing nothing at all.


The errors I'm getting are usually either: BAD_POOL_HEADER or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.


Any advice mightily appreciated!

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PSU: Chill Innovation 510W (rated output), DC Output: 33/45/25A on +3.3/5/12V rails
Do you have a link, as I have never heard of them? :confused:




Chill Innovation CP-510A 510W Power Supply Video Review #511:

"The Chill Innovation CP-510A Power Supply has 510 watts and all the leads are sleeved. While this Power Supply certainly has ample wattage, the performance is a little low for this class of product. Also note, a 20-24 pin adapter is not included.


Test @idle & @load: http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=137886


GL ;)

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Hi, and thanks for your reply. I'm sorry I couldn't reply earlier, hope you don't think me rude, but couldn't get pc up and running before now.


I don't think it's my psu. I know 3dgameman says its a bit low on 12V, but I've measured mine with a multimeter and it's very stable (I think Rodney used software to conclude this). Also, Chill Innovation have updated the psu since that review, so it's a second revision (has sata-cables etc) and the brand is very well respected here in Denmark although they're rather unknown abroad.


I have removed one stick of my RAM and set the timings to 3-4-4-8, and now the system seems to have stabilized (haven't had a BSOD so far). Also, the mobo ran the RAM at 2.6V by default, and I set it to 2.5, because that's what it says the ram is rated for.


So now I'm thinking it's because I bought RAM that was too cheap (this PQI-stuff was VERY cheap, less than 85 dollars for two sticks of 512MB). I don't wanna ask you what RAM to get yet, because I'm sure there are plenty of posts on that on the forum, so I'll search around and do some reading!


But I do want to ask you: do you agree that it's probably the cheap RAM, since removing the one stick seemed to help? The ram certainly is the cheapest part in my PC, everything else is of high quality.

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I get the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error sometimes and I believe it to be power problem. My psu had good amps on most rails but it fluctuated all over the place on load. See if you can borrow a psu and see if it helps at all.

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I have the same mobo and the same problem with the multiplier 9 of cpu frec. I ca't make it stable if i don't put a multi up 9,5 :S i dont understand that and what's the problem...... What muti and fsb do u have?

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Assuming you have a good aftermarket cpu cooler id try the following


1. cpu vid 1.50 @110%


2. vdimm 2.8v


3. 2-512 sticks in slots 1=3


4. 1t @ 3-3-3-8 the rest auto


5. start your [email protected] if stable 215 etc to 220 if you can get there.


6. htt set to 3



7. getting to 2.4-2.5 on that cpu should be no real drauma, your mileage should vary have fun ;}



8. Opps last but not least do not and i repeat do not install nvidia's sw ide drivers (Id also use the drivers dfi gave you with the board, nvidia's 5.10 can be a headache

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well i will try that, you say to put stiks in 1-3 to put memos under the fsb frec aren't u? Well if I¡m luky i would find if the problem is of the cpu with taht multi :P but I think that I wion't arrive so far... will see




OOPS i didn't see point 8 =D I have that drivers (SW) and DFI gave me the 4,27 ones. Do u recommend 6.37 ???

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