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HELP! CPU temp acts up out of standby....another Ultra-d issue...

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last night, i went to bring "current #1"(c sig) out of standby. it woek up fine, but i noticed the fan cycling abnormally from fast to slow quickly. i found out that for some reason, the BIOS is detecting the chipset temp and making it the CPU temp. for instance, the chipset is runnin at around 49-50C. the BIOS then thinks the CPU is overheating, so it speeds up the CPU fan to full speed.


for some reason, this only happens wen i bring it out of standby. ive shut down and restarted the computer numerous times today, and it hasnt done it once.


i want to think that there is somthin wrong with the BIOS, but it has just started hapenning, and nothing hardware or software related has been changed.


im using speedfan, and wen i put the PC into standby, it reads


temp1(CPU): 34-36C

temp2(chipset): 46-50C


wen i bring it out of standby it reads



temp2: 34-36C


the strange thing is, when the CPU fan cycles up, the temperature drops. so either the draft is hittin the chipset heat sink, or something really is screwing with the CPU.


i woudl post this in the A64 troubleshooting section, but it seems to b a problem with the board, not the CPU.


does anyoen hav any idea wat could b hapenning here? should i clear the CMOS and try this all again? like i said it just started hapenning, and only wen it comes out of stndby...peculiar....im at a loss as to wats hapening. i need to get this fixed because this is the family PC, and the fan noise is easily noticable.


thanks everyone


PS> the heat sink of the CPU is never any warmer to the touch then normal...wat the heck could b casing this???

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ehh well this might now be much help but i wouldnt really mess with speedfan unless u really know what ur doin. last time i screwed around with it, it really messed up my fans in my old comp.

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