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Who here would like to see an Nforce4 Ultra m-ATX board?


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    • Hell yeah I would!!!
    • No, I'm not into SFF, I believe bigger is better
    • I like lugging my 50lb PC to LAN parties. It's the only workout I get as a geek.

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It appears that a rockin' nF4 Ultra uATX is not to be, at least from DFI. No hard feelings on my part. Business is business and DFI needs to secure the market shares they have in the LanParty arena.




nVidia has come through with a pretty good uATX chipset in the 6100/410, 6100/430 & 6150/430.


Biostar just released the entry level 6100/410 and Gigabyte the next rug up 6100/430 with GbLAN. The top dawg of this series is the 6150/430 (for now).


I'm holding out for the top dawg. If DFI decided to do this, they would be the king top dawg.


BTW if I didn't know better, I'd say that Biostar looks a lot like a DFI version would look. Even down to the orange/yellow UV reactive theme.







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I would be cool if Biostar adds a 6150-430 board with the UV look, then I'll keep my cables from my LP and use them on that with one of the Chenming/Aspire micro cases that have a side window.


Hopefully if DFI releases one in the US, it will have the UV feature...good for looks anyway. ;)

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Hey folks it's getting even better...


The new AMD Denmark dual core Opterons (165, 170 & 176) are slightly less expensive and overclock even better than the X2. They all have 1MBx2 on die L2 cache.


Monarch has some good prices on both retail and OEM processors.


Some other online dealers like Newegg have 'em too.


Now put one of these badboy processors on a 6150/430, 6100/430 or 6100/410 boards (some of which can OC to 300MHz stock voltages) and we could have a very potent system in a small SFF formfactor. DFI is welcome to join in and rule yet another Lan gaming platform niche.

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Finally..............LAN Party the WAY IT SHOULD BE:




It seems Biostar is trying to capitalize on DFI's OCing sucess. Memtest built into BIOS. 100 reloadable CMOS banks!! Over 3.0 VDIMM (I haven't tested this out yet, but the feature an jumper are there), orange and yellow colored RAM and PCI slots.

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For me I will just have to take AG's advice and buy another makers board. When I first heard about the nForce 6100 and 6150 I got all excited and the first thought was of DFI. Time can only tell but for now I'm telling myself Biostar 6100.



Been following your projects for somtime now and I have to give you props on your work. Well done sir.

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