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Who here would like to see an Nforce4 Ultra m-ATX board?


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    • Hell yeah I would!!!
    • No, I'm not into SFF, I believe bigger is better
    • I like lugging my 50lb PC to LAN parties. It's the only workout I get as a geek.

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I reckon it'd be freaking awesome! As much as I like getting that workout going to LANs, I'd still love to have a DFI-based NF4 m-ATX board.


Those Chenbro cases look HIDEOUS. If anything i'd just grab a Lian Li PC-402A and put it inside one of those if I could :D Would make for an awesome HTPC or LAN box.



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I would love to see a DFI mATX board. There really is no decent choice in mATX 939 boards.


I think this thread should be stickied for atleast a week, so more people will vote.


Here is my overclocked mobile barton system in the Aspire X-Qpack. These cases have great airflow, and take standard size power supplies.


Some more pics for ya:

Pic 1

Other side

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