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NF3 Ultra D 939 Windows problem

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I just replaced my A8V deluxe with this last night and it has been a nightmare trying to load XP on a RAID 0 with 2x74 Raptors on 3 and 4. The first time I tried, it installed correctly and then I got a BSOD when it booted after the install. So I tried it again. This time after it installed it BSOD and after that gave me a boot disk not found after I restarted. Now I'm thinking it has to be the RAID drivers and yes I did install both.


I go and download the latest drivers. I finally get into Windows and load the chipset drivers. I restart and get the no boot device error again.


I try again, not in RAID, just SATA and make it to installing SP2. Reboot and BSOD.


I totally wiped my drives with 0's, put it back in RAID, installed Windows and SP2, BSOD.


I bet I have reinstalled Windows 10 times and I have narrowed most of the problems to when SP2 or the chipset drivers are installed AND it is a warm boot. I have changed the memory voltage to 2.8, the CPU to 1.5, changed the memory slots, used one stick, tried XP home, XP Pro....everything I can think of including IRQ's.


If I restart the system enough or turn it all the way off and back on, I can get into Windows and everything is great....once I'm in. I'm on the system right now.


Can anyone give me a reason to send this piece of garbage back and just put my A8V back in?


Here are my specs:


3800 Venice

2x512 Ballistix

6800 Ultra

2x74 Raptors and 1 100 IDE

Audigy 2 ZS

PC P&C 510 Deluxe

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I was not able to install window for a week on this board I get reboots right after I loaded the drivers in the windows install.


It does play very good with sata raid-0 try the beta bios 627 or 629 that worked for me.


Note: make sure u set the mem to 2T.

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No go. It still blue screens.


I don't know about this board. So far I'm not too impressed with it. My Asus could do 2-2-2-5 1T, the best I can do with this is 2-2-2-8. The rated speed in 2-2-2-2-6 and I can't even do that.


I know DFI boards are great for overclocking, that's why I purchased this and I have been waiting for a long time, but what good is it if it can't even run stable at stock.

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