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64 bit drivers ?

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Hi again folks,


Just wondering if DFI will be compiling there own 64 bit drivers (NF4 SLI-DR).


So far, other than Win XP 64, the only other thing I have installed is the Nvidia 64 bit driver pack 6.25. Obviously this isn't the best, not being specific for the motherboard.



Also, is it alright to dual boot Win XP 64 and Win XP Pro ? Anyone done it ?











1024 (2x512) KIngston value ram DDR400

Tagan 480w PSU

Gigabyte Nvidia 7800 - 256 meg

LG dvd writer dual layer

Thermaltake Kandalf case

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I am dual booting XP pro and XP64 pro as well. I keep them on separate drives though. For XP64 pro, I've install the Nvidia 64 bit drivers for the motherboard and video cards and they seem to run fine...........

They're the only 64 bit drivers I've installed.

I got the 64 bit OS for testing purposes. I've got a problem with P2P download programs using up CPU and memory usage so I was wondering the extra virtual memory ultilization in the 64bit OS would make a difference..........

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