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NF4 - OK to run RAM slow?

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I just recently got everything figured out and got some overclocking done. I have crappy memory so i could not have it run at the same fsb as the cpu, so i lowered it. I am wondering if i am losing performance my running it at a slower speed. Although because it is running at a slower speed, i got the timings down very low, or does that not make as much of a difference as fsb?

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At 200Mhz FSB, the CPU is capable of ~5600MB/s+

The memory can handle theoretically ~6400MB/s at 200Mhz

So everything is fine.


You have gone all the way to 260Mhz FSB @ 2.6Ghz

and decreased the memory to 185Mhz - PC3000 = 6000MB/s


I think it is limiting it,

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