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Are these settings correct??? HELP!!!

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just tried to OC my 3200+ Venice the first time and got it runnig @2400 now.


Settings are the following:


FSB: 240


Multiplier: 10x


CPU VID 1,3 * 123%


Running stable so far but can I push it some more? I'm keeping my RAM at stock speed with the divider.



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may want to go into UserCP and make you sig with the list of all you parts


settings look fine ... you can probably put the LTD/FSB: to 4x at that speed ... you just want to keep the final number arround 1000 for socket 939


Also i have seen that sometimes the dividers can make the system less stable. It seems certain deviders work better that others, but if its working for you then there is no reason the change it ... may be something to look at if you get problems in the future

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