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Folding for DIY-Street - Team: DIY-Street - Team #45454 (disease)


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  1. 1.

    • Aliens
    • Disease
    • because Angry has a straight-flush and you only got 2 pair
    • other (please post...I don't know what else to fold for besides aliens/disease)

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i get annoyed when i get a 600 pointer unit to fold and it runs it twice then only gives me 150 points or something.


i feel like i am cheated and i stopped folding for a couple of weeks cos of this.


is my machine unstable my database record says no.


can anyone help me understand why this is happening.


should i just concentrate on smaller files an fold more of them?




It attempts them twice...I've never seen this. In any case it seems like this is instability. Folding is a lot harder on your system then other stability test. It is the ultimate stability test. So heres what you can do.

1. Try relaxing your clock a little bit and see if the problems cont.

2. When you have a WU that doesn't complete...Stanford usually resends that work out to someone else to determine if it is a probably with the WU or the persons machine. If you inquire on the official folding forum you can find out if that WU has returned finished by someone else. Sometimes there are problems with the WU but Stanford awards partial credit based on the partial progress that was completed, so you aren't getting cheated. IF you got 150pts then you probably finished 1/4 of the WU so thats fair. So id urge you to get back in it...and if you have problems in the future just ask about it here or at stanford instead of giving up.

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Cool and Yaaa to adding PC's.


DFI average keeps dropping. (booo)


Back in town after two days working out of town and my PC has been folding 24/7 for a while now. Out of town next week (gravy $$) and some BF2 in the interim but I will keep plodding along and adding to my point total.


Off to chase a debt, gather some wood and cook some deer and chill at the crick after a long week.


Happy folding and happy holidays.

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run the FAH console program (clean install)


the first option is "Do you wish to install this program as a service"


type yes to that!


and you're done.


to control the program while it's in service mode, you can use my method i tried to explain here:




basically using batch files to control the service

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heh, like googles distributed computing for there search engine.


the same for dfi-street

heh, as a test to see if its works of coarse.

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