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4V jumper problem

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i just unwrapped my redline 4000 and was ready to get going when bios shows the same voltage options as before i moved the jumper!?! here's the procedure i followed:


1) created bios bootdisk with 6.23-2 from www.dfi-bios.tk

2) booted floppy and flashed the bios (how do you confirm current version?)

3) rebooted, set bios to optimized defaults, set vdimm to 2.7V saved and shutdown

4) turned off the psu and unplugged its power cord

5) took out the existing 2x512 from the orange slots

6) moved the vdimm jumper from 1-2 to 2-3

7) put the new 2x512 redline in yellow slots

8) moved cmos jumper to clear cmos (waited 30 seconds)

9) put cmos jumper back to normal, plugged in psu and turned it on

10) booted machine and entered bios

11) went to change vdimm setting to 3.3V, but the list is the same as before, with max of 3.2V


so, obviosly at this point i'm not sure what to do. i have other problems too, like i can't get the same OC from my CPU on the new bios as I did on the previous 3.10p, but that's less important to me now as the voltage settings. any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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yeah, thanks! feel kinda dumb. although i RTFM, i was setting the VDIMM instead of the CPU VID Control. anyway, put it at 1.300v and she's up and running 250 3.3v 2-2-2-5 stable. thanks!


btw...i was told 510 is much better for oc'ing that 623. i'm a little upset i can't hit 2800 @ 1.44v like i did on the 310p. anyone have any comments? will i be missing much if i revert to 510?

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