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New built question

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I'm just finishing building a new system :




specs(relevant to question):


Lanparty UT SLI-dr

X2 4400+

OCZ 4000 gold VX

PC P&C 850 power supply


Now the question is that the OCZ is rated as follows:

CL 2-3-3-8 at 2.6V(400MHz)

CL 2-2-2-8 at 3.3V(500MHz)


my question is this :

I have heard that people are having problems with PC P&C (the 850W in particular)when changing the dimm voltage jumper to the 4V, with power supply shutting down due to voltage over protection, so I wanna try to avoid that.


Can I run those OCZ's at a lower timing then 2-3-3-8 say 2-2-2-8 @400Mhz without the need to up the voltage so much, keeping the jumper at default?



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Looks like you decided not to Skemp on the PSU ... lol ... good choice


i don't know if it is the PSU causing the problems as much as the 4V jumper casing the problem with the board/cpu/ram . Look here:




was having some issues with PC4000 vx the seems to have instantly fixed it's self by moving the jumper back and lowering voltage

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