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Need help with memory[o/c settings]

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Hello everybody,


First post here so please be gentle:D


My system:

DFI nForce4 SLi-DR bios 623-1

OCZ pc4800 platinum ltd edition [TCC5]

A64 3200+ venice LBBLE 0517 BPEW

Tagan TG480-U01



Cpu is tested with my previous system[k8ns-ultra/kingston value] up to 10x270 rock stable 1.36V


Memory can do DDR600 so dividers etc is not an issue


My target is to reach 10x270 for everyday use but i need some help with memory tweaking...


Can anybody give me some tested settings for ocz [email protected] FSB?


I've read many guides for DDR600 but i don't want to go that high[300FSB]



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Guest TriggerHappy

Every stick of RAM is different in how much it will overclock and what timings/volts it likes at a given speed, same with motherboards, CPU memory controllers, etc.


No one in the world can give you the best settings for your system. They might be able to give you a very rough idea, but the only way to get the best and most stable overclock is to read and follow the many great overclocking threads, especially the sticky. :)

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