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Need Some Oc'ing Tips And Advice


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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on what I can do to OC my machine.

Thanks in advanced here is what I currently have:


AMD XP-2400+


768mb GeiL PC3200 have heat spreaders on them

right now using a GeForce 4 MX440 8x 64mb (but have a Leadtek GeForce4 TI4400 on the way)

SB Audigy Gamer

2 rear 80mm Case fans

1 side 80mm Case fan

AMD Athlon CPU fan/heatsink XP-2800


average idle temp 26-28C on cpu 30-32C on sys

under heavy gaming for long periods of time 30-35C on cpu under 40C on sys

vcore at 1.63-1.65


need any more info or is this enough??

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i'm not as familiar with the MSI boards. does anyone know what type of system temps to generally expect on this board? i know that in the past i have read atleast one review for a board (not sure what mobo it was or they were, been awhile) and a review for a graphics card. Both had very small blotches of thermal grease between the northbridge chipset and the n/b heatsink (didn't cover much surface area) or the gpu and the gpu heatsink. so if there is poor contact, that may also be the case. and i also noticed that sometimes after i flashing to a newer bios, the temp readings get changed as well. i just remember noticing that in the past when i flashed. that part is off topic though.

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