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couple quick questionson the new build

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I have a couple quick questions about my new build. Just reading around making sure I got everything before I jump in.


1. Looking through the manual, at the USB Power Select, it gives choice of 5V or 5VSB. What's the difference? it also has this option with the PS/2 power.


2. is there a specific step by step procedure for the LP nF4 SLI-DR ? I plan on using this as my guide:



3. I cannot find the thread that had the picture of the 4 power plugs that needs to be plugged in. Even though its pretty simple, the 24-pin plug, a 4-pin square plug, a hard drive like plug, and a small pin like plug.


4. lastly, anyone know of or know how to install a heatsink (sounds like the most stupidest question ever) ? LoL. I am reading the manual for the thermalright XP-120 and it just made me feel stupid. Maybe I'll understand more when I actually mess with it on the mobo itself tomorrow?



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1. ive never messed with it, just leave it whatever it is at default


2. the EdJacobson guide is a good place to start


3. its pretty simple, you shouldn't need a pic to show you where to plug stuff in. There's a 24 pin main power connect, the 4-pin 12v connect, a 4-pin molex connect, and a 4-pin floppy connect on the board. plug em all in with power.


4. google...or check Thermalright.com as they have instructions for all of their heatsink installations.

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