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need help gettin this 3200 vence stable

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ok this is my first ever build and my first ever oc.....anyways i thought i did a pretty good job gettin it all setup.....my max oc for the cpu was 2700+ and i hit 250mhz pretty easy on my ram so i figured i would just run 2650mhz to be nice and stable.....


anyways this is where my problem comes in.....everything seems good all benchies except aquamark work flawlessly and what not.....problem im having is i can only play BF2 for a couple hrs before the pc locks up and i am forced to reboot.....


anyways if you guys could take a look at my bios settings here and give me some ideas as to what might need to be changed i would really appreciate it.....


thanks in advance.....


FSB - 265

LDT/FSB - 3x

CPU/FSB - x10

PCI Express - 105MHz

Cool and Quiet - Disabled

CPU VID Startup Value - 1.425

CPU VID Control - 1.425

CPU VID Special Control - 113%

LDT Voltage Control - 1.3v

Chipset Voltage Control - 1.6v

DRAM Voltage Control - 3.3v


DRAM Configuration


DRAM Frequency - 180 9/10

CPC - Enable

CAS Latency - 2

TRCD - 2

TRAS - 7

TRP - 2

TRC - 7

TRFC - Auto

TRRD - 2

TWR - 2

TWTR - 2

TRWT - 3

TREF - 3120

TWCL - Auto

DRAM Bank Interleave - Enabled

DQS Skew Control - Auto

DQS Skew Value - 0

DRAM Drive Strength - Auto

DRAM Data Drive Strength - Auto

Max Async Latency - Auto

Read Preamble Time - 5

Idle Cycle Limit - 256 Clocks

Dynamic Counter - Disable

R/W Queue Bypass - 16x

Bypass Max - 07x

32 Byte Granularity - Disable (8 Bursts)



also i should mention like 40 mins into memtest on like the 3rd pass i get massive errors......all of which showed up on #4 not sure what that test really is though....


my Ram passed #5 25+ times at 250 so im guessing its a cpu issue im having.....


anyways i hope this is enough info for you guys......


again thanks....

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ok so i tried to play with my bios settings some more and now i get errors instantly in memtest even with Rgones bios settings.......


something must be wrong here......

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you may have to loosen the ram timings some ... but also i think test #8 is supposed to be the hard one that will find errors if they are there. And it is possible to pass memtest and not be Windows stable.


Have you looked for settings in the OC database yet? may be some help


Some ppl have also found stability buy using a lower CUP Vid and and Higher special (1.25 x 123%) may be worth a shot

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thanks i'll try that.....dunno how things will work though as im getting errors instantly in memtest even with Rgones bios settings now.....


not sure what the problem is anymore....

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question if im getting 250+ errors in #2 and then a couple thousand in #3 on memtest what does that mean.......


im just not sure what i should be changing here......


everything worked fine for like one day then i started playin BF2 and now i get errors all over......i cant even pass #5 anymore without getting a thousand or so errors


not sure if this means maybe a stick of ram went bad or my cpu is shot......


any help would be great though.........kinda frustrating here.....

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Doubt your cpu or ram is shot, just sounds like too tight timings. You can easily test that by doing a memtest on optimized defaults.


And in your first post you say a few benchmarks was stable? What about prime95 blend test?

And getting errors in memtest is deffo a sign of too tight timings or too high overclock with that voltage (or too high overclock overall :O)

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ya i went all the way back to optimized defaults and i still get errors in memtest instantly.....thats whats bothering me so much.....


even going back to the basics here and im still getting errors.....

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ok so after trying each bios all over again and using rgones setting and still getting thousands of errors right away in memtest i decided to test each stick individually and low and behold one stick must be bad......


on gives error out the butt and the other is error free......

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