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Xp User Settings/prefs


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I just installed xp pro again though I really dont like xp but

I figured I'd give it a try since there was a few things about it I needed...

anyway part of the reason is cause I want to use litestep as my shell but

I want to be able 2 easilly switch between litestep and explorer if I ever have

to so I created 2 users to switch from... only problem is all of my settings for things

like AIM, IE/Avantbrowser, windows etc have to be set for each user so when I switch users

I have to do it all over again.... is there anyway I can possibly make certain prefs change

for both users when changed????

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You need something like Shellon or Litestep Shell Switcher, which allow you to pick Litestep or Explorer when you boot up... similar to the way Lilo/Grub/NT boot loader gives you an option of the OS to use.







Litestep.com, Litestep.com. JoeBlade, FPN, or ShellFont may have them... not sure, as I haven't been around the LS community in quite sometime.

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