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Flashing latest BIOS

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Just a couple quick questions. I'm trying to flash to the latest BIOS for the NF4 Ultra-D with the Diamond Flash method. When I search for nf4 ultra-d I see the latest BIOS is 3/10. But I clicked this "latest BIOS" link thing and it took me to "NF4-DAGF" which has a BIOS dated 6/13. So what is DAGF and can I use that BIOS?

Also when I put in the diamond boot floppy it said "starting windows 98" or something like that. That's when I got scared and took the floppy out and rebooted and came here for help. It is supposed to say that right? Or did I get the wrong version? That was the 3/10 one btw.


thanks for help :angel:

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DAGF is the lower-end NF4 motherboard made by DFI. Sounds like diamond flash image is pointing you in the wrong direction. I don't think you can use that BIOS on an Ultra-D.

The boot disk saying starting Windows 98 is fine. Windows 98 is the last of the DOS based Windows. It's just booting the DOS part, which is what you want, I believe. I personally use the bootable CD available in the BIOS Factory (which is hidden in this forum somewhere, but I'm too lazy to find the link for ya. just search).



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EDIT: already said above so Skip this bit.

The win98 thing is just the DOS loader that it is using, it is based on the win98 DOS OS.

Very safe :)


Dont flash it with the DAGF BIOS.


EDIT: I am not so lazy so here you go. ;)


Go here for 618



Go here for 510



Go here for BIOS factory section



Read what people have to say before you flash.

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