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Gf4 Ti4200 128 8x


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right. my system aint godlike - P3 500, 320mb ram, gf4 ti420 235W psu. i dont know what motherboard ive got as it was replaced a while back and i was not here to find out what was put in. ok so i understand that i wont get agp8x because of my mobo, but i dont understand why the performance im geting is comparable to that of my old gf2 mx.

also, when i look under my gfx card tab...it says its running at 32mb sdram, when i know the card has 128mb ddrram? confused.


is my psu powerful enough to support say an athlon xp 2500 ish, and an agp 8x mobo?

im in the dark abit about this sort of stuff, is agp8x any better than 4x?



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Nice choice for picking MSI on cards.

But you deff need to get a better PSU.

I tryed running my ti4200 8x on a power supply of 250watts i think it was. First off, the screen would flicker on and off. then when i got it too be stable, i found out that my card was gettin really hot. so i took it out till i got a new case. ti4200 on the box it says required 300 watts min. might be able to get alittle lower running. but get at least a 350 watt psu for things to run smoother imo.


Worry more bout your psu having enough power for your graphics card rather than the cpu.

it's probably the cause for all ya posted problems.

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